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3 Tips for Maximizing Phone Sales Success

For most florists, orders taken over the telephone supply more than 50% of daily order volume, followed by website and walk-in sales. Proper training will assure customers are taken care of while maximizing sales. There are many important points to cover regarding phone sales training, however, the following tips can lead to success.

1. Know who you're talking to you so you know what they'll want

Using your shop's POS system makes the ordering process quick and convenient for the customer while providing valuable information about the customer's previous purchases.

When a customer calls to make an order, ask if they've ever placed an order with the shop. Look up their name and review their previous orders, notes, and special requests. If they are placing another order for a recurring event, like an anniversary or birthday, remind them of what they purchased last time. Ask if the recipient enjoyed the last order: if they did, suggest something similar, and if they didn't, suggest a different product.

Personalized designs and helpful suggestions that aid purchasing decisions are huge benefits customers receive by calling to place orders. Make the most of this opportunity to please your customer by offering personalized suggestions. This extra touch might encourage them to return to your shop or recommend it to a friend. 

2. Use a script to take complete, accurate orders

A phone script will ensure that anyone who answers the phone collects the all the necessary information in the right order.

Always take the card message before the product is discussed. This is because the card message can provide clues to the size of the value of the product. It is also vital to be knowledgeable about available products and which finishing touches, like candy, balloons, and other upsells, are appropriate to offer for different occasions.

Once all order information has been gathered, quickly review the main points of the order to assure that everything is correct. It easier to take ten seconds to review the order at the time it is taken rather than ten minutes when the customer calls with a complaint about a typo.

3. Train, review, and train some morecreate a script for phone orders to ensure you collect all needed information

Training can be reinforced through the review of recorded phone calls. By hearing both sides of the conversation, it is easy to measure the effectiveness of your phone sales training.

Periodically, sit down with your associates to review recorded phone calls. Make sure your associates are sticking to the script, speak with a friendly and courteous demeanor, and are providing personalized suggestions when appropriate.