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2021 Holiday Trends: What You Need to Know

It's a new year full of new fall & holiday trends - sourced as inspiration, designed to help grow your profits from your florist retail business.

Consumer tastes, wants and needs are constantly changing. Staying committed to following these fall and holiday trends will keep you ahead of the ever-evolving marketplace, providing a comprehensive look at the kinds of products consumers want.

Through extensive research, Napco Imports' product development team has identified the latest holiday design and decor trends in the market today, certain to drive purchasing decisions and ultimately, putting you at the forefront of today's consumer desires and generating exciting possibilities to increase your sales!

Winter Calm Holiday Trend

Winter has come to your shop, and the first frost has settled in.

Have your customers inhaling the crisp, cool air that surrounds the Winter Calm holiday trend. The soothing grays and taupe accents keep this collection both calming and on par with the seasonal winter trends. By showcasing soft greenery, such as eucalyptus, dusty miller and gray succulents, this comforting theme will be popular both during the holiday rush, as well as, year-round.

This Winter Calm holiday trend feature elements of birch trees, blonde wood, blue spruce, wool and powder snow. Combining these winter trend elements creates a frosty look envied by all.

Foliage is another prominent component highlighted throughout the Winter Calm holiday trend. The florals recognized most prominently are gypsophila, dusty miller, spiral eucalyptus, gray succulents and snowberries.

Avoid the winter blues by including some of these new holiday trends in your space.

Festive Swirl Holiday Trend

Round and round we go on this Christmas carousel!

Transform your mantel with this Festive Swirl holiday trend collection, complete with the classic candy stripe motif, peppermint carnations and snowy foliage. It's truly a winter wonderland!

Add in pops of classic blue for fun with light blue hydrangeas to complement. Bring out the traditional nutcracker, snowmen and carousel figurines as part of the cast. Please... Don't forget Santa! He's the star of the show in this dance of timeless characters.

You can't have a classic holiday trend without elements of red & gold glitter, peppermint swirls, carousels, nutcrackers and Santas. In the same sense, you can't have a traditional holiday trend without florala such as flocked foliage, peppermint carnations, snowflake mums, light blue hydrangeas and jingle bell poinsettias.

You'll fill your life with nostalgia when you consider this Festive Swirl holiday trend. It's truly a #throwback for all to appreciate.

Holiday Garden Holiday Trend

Go over the hills and through the woods with the casual yet sophisticated holiday garden collection!

Be sure to take a black & white plaid scarf with you and look for cardinals perched high on snow-dusted branches. Enjoy simple wreaths of cedar, adorned with viburnum berries and pinecones, while red roses and poinsettias bring their own pop of color to this snowy garden pathway.

This Hallmark holiday look incorporates elements of cardinals, black and white plaid, winter foliage, warm wood tones and mossy branches. Don't worry! Floral such as bay leaves, holly, poinsettias, ilex berries and pinecones were not forgotten. What Holiday Garden winter trend would be complete without them?

Blue Ridge Cabin Holiday Trend

Feeling cabin fever during those winter months?

The mountains are calling! Escape to a blue ridge cabin retreat with this rustic-yet-elegant Blue Ridge Cabin holiday trend collection.

These gathered rustic materials and finishes create a theme that makes you want to curl up by the fire with a cup of hot cocoa. To make a classy and charming effect, include gnomes and deer icons, as if they're playing together in the snow outside your cabin window.

Adding galvanized metals and weathered woods will evoke a warm and inviting holiday setting. With this collection, you simply cannot top Christmas in the mountains! Enjoy this holiday trend's featured elements of gnomes, galvanized metal, weathered wood, tartan plaid and rustic finishes.

To top off this already primitive look, there are floral features of cedar, viburnum berries, thistle, red roses and pinecones. Feel right at home with this holiday trend!

Gilded Tropics Holiday Trend

Vacation meets glamor with this holiday trend. The Gilded Tropics collection pairs lavish tropical accents with traditional Christmas icons to create a holiday scene that's unforgettable!

Embellished containers, pearl garland and golden vines make a tropical Christmas tree more elegant. Drape the mantels with wine red ribbon, poinsettias and golden palm fronds, and you're ready for that winter get-away.

Glam up all those holiday trends with elements such as: metallic golds, pearls, gilded tropical foliage and gold vines. You mustn't forget to include florals like roses, poinsettias, anthuriums and cymbidium orchids, as they truly complete this look.

Rocket Glam Holiday Trend

The countdown begins ...3..2..1...Blastoff! It's time to prepare for new holiday trends before this season ends.

Climb aboard this retro Rocket Glam theme, full of bright, bold colors and nostalgic designs. By including traditional Christmas greenery along with pops of hot pink daisies and bright red carnations, this sentimental assortment truly makes the mid-century look modern again.

As old trends are recycled and made new, consider adding these elements into your holiday designs: retro and mid-century modern pieces, tinsel and metallic silver. The pop of color is best added in with florals like hot pink gerberas, red carnations, variegated holly and silver gilded holiday foliage.

The forecast calls for continued vintage style in 2021 holiday trends.

Starry Skies Holiday Trend

Take a moment to look up and gaze at the evening starry skies. Feel inspired?

Napco Imports' Starry Skies holiday trend collection puts into perspective the big picture when it comes to embodying 2021 holiday trends. Using planets as ornaments, in deep violets and blues, Napco's containers pair perfectly with sparkling glitter. The combination truly makes for a cosmic Christmas theme!

When creating this holiday trend, choose elements like metallic glitter, shooting stars, planets and Christmas Eve imagery. For an out-of-this-world finish, floral such as jewel-toned poinsettias, frosted petals and foliage, dark blue delphinium and scabiosa will do just the trick.

Bethlehem Blush Holiday Trend

Just as a newborn baby brought light to the world, the Bethlehem Blush holiday trend collection adds glitz and glamour to holiday trends. Rosy tones of burgundy bring warmth to the neutral beige of the desert sands. Their wide range of statuaries, ornaments and regal accents are certainly fit for a king, making this collection one to enjoy all season long.

Host this look in its purest form by using elements such as: icy branches, gold foil finishes, champagne glitter and ostrich feathers. Florals are the final touch. Include astilbe, pepper berries, burgundy dahlia and mauve cymbidium orchids to make your customers blush from the joy this seasonal look brings.

How Do I use the 2021 Pantone Color(s) of the Year?

2021 is one of the few years Pantone chose to highlight two colors of the year. These colors are PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating.

These two independent colors come together to create an aspirational color pairing, conjoining deeper feelings of thoughtfulness with the optimistic promise of a sunshine-filled day. Napco doesn't just choose to use the color of the year each year in their showroom palettes; they also dedicate one room each year to the color(s) of the year.

Their collections are a direct result of consumer response and suggestions. Their in-house expert design team aims to create products based on the feedback they receive, to provide customers with merchandising inspiration. This makes using the Pantone Color of the Year and all trending looks much easier, as the hard work is done for you.

They have the most in-demand styles, materials, textures and shapes. Contently 10

Plus, you can take advantage of their showrooms' design inspirations for how to create more visually appealing merchandising displays!

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