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2018 SAF Convention in Palm Springs

At this year’s SAF Convention ins Palm Springs, Jackie Lacey AIFD, CFD, PFCI, AFF reviews some outstanding varieties of new flowers coming to wholesalers. New flowers are being revealed to the market. allowing florists to keep up-to-date on trends.




They quality is believed to hold up better, but it is uncertain how long each variety will last. Many of the flowers have larger petals, color varieties and colors. This will not only allow the florists to have a new component to work with. It gives consumers more variety to choose from.

Mums are huge this time of year. The Vanilla Sorbet flower has a beautiful white and soft yellow tones. They are great flowers that can be used for a variety of design options. The pink and green variety of flowers called Rosanna Charlette is stunning and can cater to multiple generations. They look sprayed, but the colors are natural!

There is also varieties of red lilies and berries that are perfect for other arrangements. Stay tuned for photos and names of the flowers. They will go up on Floriology’s Facebook page. Join Jackie Lacey as he dives deeper on Floriology's #DesignTime.